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7 easy yoga poses without leaving your chair

By October 5, 2021October 7th, 2021No Comments
You know you need to sit less and move more. But what if, at the very least, you could move while you’re sitting? It’s a wise idea. “When you stretch or move frequently throughout the day, you decrease strain on your muscles and skeletal system,” says Samantha Parker, yoga, kinesiophobia cognitive and movement specialist in Washington, D.C. In the long run, that can decrease the likelihood you’ll develop chronic low back and shoulder pain, knee discomfort, headaches, and more.

One way to move more without even leaving your chair is by doing yoga. While these poses are usually performed on a mat, some yoga stretches and poses can also be modified to be done in a chair (or with a chair). This is perfect for when you’re stuck at a desk all day or just need a quick stretch without getting out the yoga mat. The surprise? You’ll get many of the same benefits sitting in a chair doing yoga as you would if you were on your mat. “Sitting in a chair will target the muscles in a different way than standing,” Parker says. Plus, you’ll decrease the likelihood that your body will begin to ache from sitting in one position for extended periods of time.

Here, Parker has created a seven-pose series that requires only a chair. Whether you’re sitting in an office or your house, do these frequently throughout the day, perhaps every hour, if possible. Hold each pose for a few seconds before moving on.

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