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Brilliant Planners and Organizers That’ll Help You Get It Together For 2022

By January 4, 2022No Comments
Planners and Organizers

It can seem like an easy enough task to set the next year’s goals and plans, but to actually follow through with them? That can be a completely different story. Life gets in the way, mid-year fatigue sets in and before you know it, that unwavering burst of motivation and commitment that you felt at the start of the year has fizzled out into a familiar feeling of apathy.

According to a Forbes article published in 2018, committing your goals and plans to paper has been proven to increase the likelihood that you will actually achieve them. This is in large part due to a neurological response that occurs on two levels: external storage and encoding. In other words, when you write down what you would like to accomplish, it has a much greater chance of being remembered, regenerated and carried out.

You will notice the article says “written” and not “plugging into the calendar app on your phone or computer.” This suggests that something like a traditional planner or agenda may still serve a practical purpose in our otherwise digital world.

Stay organized, motivated and achieve your goals by shopping this list of project-planning diaries, academic agendas and traditional planners to start the year off right and keep it that way.