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How To Avoid An Overweight Bag Fee When You Travel

By July 1, 2022No Comments

This hand-held scale can save you from frantically re-thinking your packing choices at the airport.

I have many life skills, but packing light has never been one of them. An irrational fear of traveling without my entire wardrobe has gotten me into some trouble at the ticket counter of many an airport ― not to mention cost me an arm and a leg in overweight baggage fees.

Instead of frantically repacking my suitcase on the airport floor or waddling through TSA in 10 pairs of pants, a handy-dandy luggage scale has recently became my portable solution for complying with airline luggage-weight restrictions and I highly recommend it to any other self-proclaimed over-packer out there.

Although there are tons of options available, the battery-operated Etekcity luggage scale, which boasts an impressive 30,800 five-star-ratings on Amazon, is my premier scale of choice simply because it’s straightforward, the weight measurements are always accurate and it comes in at a super affordable $10.99.

One thing that I appreciate about this digital scale is that it uses durable strap-and-latch design, instead of a hook, to wrap around your suitcase handle while the scale takes the weight measurement. I feel like this feature makes things a bit more secure and helps provide the most accurate reading as possible. The scale has a capacity to take weight measurements of up to 110 pounds and can display readings in both pounds or kilograms, which has been very helpful for international travel.