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It’s Finally Nice in DC. Here Are Some Things to Do Outside.

By March 5, 2021No Comments

Yes, a world exists beyond the confines of your home.

After what feels like an eternity of sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures, Washington is finally having a very nice day. Which means you may actually be able to go outside—you know, that unfamiliar area beyond the confines of your own four walls.

The Washingtonian rounded up some Covid-safe recommendations of activities to do in the great outdoors. Or you could always just take what you have been doing—wallowing in existential despair and confusion—and take that outside. That works, too.

Have a picnic.

Go on a belated Valentine’s Day date outdoors. 

Knock off work early and check out a winery.

Get in a hike before the sun goes down.

Trying running outdoors. (Or maybe start learning how to run today!)

Grab a drink or some food at an outdoor restaurant set-up.

Go for a walk on Roosevelt Island.

Take an outdoor workout class.

Drink a beer on the roof of Union Market. (Or drink a beer at one of these other rooftop spots.)

Stroll through the now-open Sculpture Garden.

Get in a stair workout.

Go on a hunt for Jack Evans’s stolen Subaru.

Mosey on down to Navy Yard to gawk at the self-driving cars.

Eat some BBQ in the sunshine.

Or just stay inside and watch Bridgerton for the sixth time—you were going to, anyways.