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Personal Lines Insights: Tips for Saving on Gas

By April 6, 2022No Comments
Tips for Saving on Gas

Spending money on gas is inevitable when you drive a vehicle. Although it’s hard to avoid spending money on gas, there are ways you can save the amount you’re spending. To start saving, practice the following gas-saving driving tips:

  • Avoid high As speed increases, so does aerodynamic drag, which can use cause more use of gas.
  • Keep your tires properly Keeping air pressure at maintained levels can improve your gas mileage.
  • Cut down on A/C use and keep windows Air conditioning puts an extra load on the engine and uses more fuel. Keeping windows closed will help reduce drag.
  • Control how you accelerate and Applying slow and steady acceleration and braking can increase your fuel economy.
  • Get your car serviced Routine maintenance can help your car more efficiently and help you avoid issues that can increase your vehicle’s mileage.

By taking the time to practice gas-saving tips, you can help save yourself money bit by bit over time.