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Read this before you go to the pool, beach or lake this summer

By July 8, 2020No Comments

Summer is here and it’s getting balmier by the day. You could splay out on the beach or cannonball into a community pool — but you also don’t want to bring home coronavirus.

You can have fun without fear, as long as you observe the social distancing measures we’ve adopted as routine over the last few months. Now, you just have to do it in while you float in an inner tube.

We asked two infectious disease experts about how to have coronavirus-free fun at your favorite waterfronts. Here’s their advice for a sunny, safer summer.

  • Keep at least six feet of distance from other people if you can.
  • Wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose if you’re able to, and don’t take it off while you’re out. This prevents you from coughing, sneezing and breathing out the virus if you’re asymptomatic.
  • Wash your hands — 20 seconds, with soap and water — before, during and after your trip to a public place.
  • Don’t go out if you feel sick or have come in contact with someone who’s sick. Older adults and people with chronic illnesses should stay home, too.
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