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The Brood X Cicadas Are Starting to Emerge. What Should Bug Haters Do to Prepare Themselves?

By May 5, 2021No Comments

Some are buying mosquito-net hats, while others plan to just...not leave the house.

You’ve probably heard all about the forthcoming Brood X cicada emergence by now. That is, unless you’ve been living in a hole in a ground next to said cicadas.

There are reports of these bugs already starting to appear in the DC area, and we’re supposed to hit peak cicada saturation within the next few weeks. They’ve been chilling underground for the last 17 years (no one give them any Shrek 2 spoilers!), and soon they will come up to mate, eat, and really, really freak a lot of us out.

Yes, some of you may hate insects or have a deep phobia of all things bug, and it’s probably safe to say you are not thriving right now. So, what to do to protect yourself from dive-bombing critters? We polled Twitter to see what your fellow bug-haters are doing to prepare themselves for all things Brood X. The answers include elaborate mosquito netting hats, crying, not leaving the house, and…batting them with a racquet?